Like every school, RGS too has a system of awards for students who excel in various fields. The primary intention is to recognize the achievement and to motivate the children to greater heights.
At the end of the school year, meritorious pupils are awarded the following for excellence in academics:

  1. For Grades I & II

    All-Rounder Award: Pupil who is exemplary in all fields. Performance all through the year is taken into consideration.


    2. For Grades III – VI

    General Proficiency Award: 1st in the Class and 90% and above in the aggregate.

    Achievers Awards: All those secure an aggregate of 90% and above.

3. For Grades VII to XII

General ProficiencyAward: 1st in the Class and an aggregate of 85% and above.

Achievers Award: All those who score an aggregate of 85% and above.

ICSE Topper: Aggregate of 90% and above in five subjects including English.

ISC Topper: Aggregate of 90% and above in 4 subjects including English.

Student of the Year: Overall performance throughout the school life, attitude towards teachers, school, programme, other students and values etc.

Besides these, Champion Trophies are awarded to Houses that win in various fields: Athletics, Co-curriculars, Academics, Swim fest, Ramathon, Panel Discussion etc.