Principal's Desk

Ashish Kumar Singhal

“Everyone has inside of him a piece of good news. The good news is that you don’t know how great you can be! How much you can love! What you can accomplish! And what your potential is!”
-Anne Frank (aged 14 years) from ‘The Diary of a Young Girl’

Echoing the same sentiments, we at RGS Indonesia, endeavour to raise happy, positive and balanced students and guide them to realize their highest potential.

We are committed to providing holistic education to the students under our care and in moulding them into learners for life. Our aim is to create curious, enquiring minds who eagerly explore ideas and concepts and can communicate them confidently and effectively. By providing them varied experiences and perspectives, we hope to develop our students into global citizens who appreciate differences and will nurture the planet and create a peaceful world. Our integration of values and morals into the everyday curriculum validates the emphasis we lay on creating principled citizens of the country. An amalgamation of the traditional with the modern, RGS Indonesia stands as an institution of excellence where children learn and grow in the happy environment of the school every day.


Ashish Kumar Singhal



  • National Teacher Award – 2014
  • Global Teachers Award – 2015
  • Nation Builder Award – 2016


The Rama Global School is a day-cum-residential Global School located on the shores of Lake Jatiluhur in Purwakarta, about 100 km from Jakarta. It has been developed along the lines of the best schools and is committed to providing an all-round education of the highest standards. The school has been set up by the Rama International School Foundation through the initiative taken by PT. Indorama Synthetics.

Vision & Mission

The motto of the Rama Global School, “In Pursuit of Excellence”, is the underlying goal of the curriculum at the school. The school concentrates on both academic and co-curricular programmes so that students receive a wide canvas of educational enrichment in their formative stages to enable them to develop their unique talents and interests. The school will provide all students every opportunity to discover themselves and prepare them for their responsibilities as citizens of a new millennium. Rama Global School aims at the holistic development of a student with great emphasis on the spiritual, emotional, intellectual and physical integrity so that the student can face this challenging world without fear. At RGS, this holistic development of an individual is attained through academic excellence, professional competence, personal, interpersonal and societal skills.


The school aims to achieve the following:

  • To impart academic excellence and prepare students for entry into universities in India, The United States of America, Canada, The United Kingdom, and Australia in a trans-Asian flexible environment.
  • To provide outstanding teaching resources such that students experience all-round academic, intellectual, social, cultural, ethical, physical, and emotional development, through a well-rounded curriculum.
  • To impart the right values to students, including teamwork, self-motivation, sensitivity and practical applied learning.
  • To encourage students to develop a sense of community responsibility toward the host country Indonesia, and to the world as a whole.


School System


The House system is a feature common to most schools. It has got great advantages like breaking a large community into smaller, more personal units, and thereby building a sense of loyalty and competition. Its function is to encourage healthy competition within school and to give all students the opportunity to participate in representative sport, music, and other activities with the aim of raising self-esteem, developing self-confidence, and giving opportunities for leadership and teamwork.

The House System at Rama Global School doesn’t simply present the opportunity for healthy competition within an enjoyable, highly stimulating atmosphere. It also provides a nurturing ‘family unit’ that instills a genuine sense of belonging, encourages mutual respect between pupils of different ages, builds positive esteem and helps reinforce a sense of consideration for others.

Add the opportunity to earn ‘House Points’ for academic achievement, sporting prowess, drama, debating, music, community spirit, and all manner of other activities and our House System is well-recognized as providing a respected platform for showcasing attainment.

The students of the school are allotted to one of the three Houses, namely Endurance, Enterprise, and Endeavor. Each House is placed under a House In-charge who is directly responsible for the discipline and general well-being of the members of the House. Elected House Captains and Vice Captains share the responsibilities with the House In-charges.

Regular Inter-House competitions are held throughout the year in various co-curricular and extra-curricular activities which foster a healthy competitive spirit. The House vie with one another to keep the House flag aloft.


School Council

The School Council is a body of elected students meant to represent the views and opinions of all the students of the school. In other words, it is an exercise in empowering the students to lead, decide and work as a team for school initiatives.


School Captain

A democratic style of election is conducted to elect the School Captain. The initiatives and capabilities of the individual students are continuously watched and those with inherent or cultivated leadership qualities are nominated to the panel of candidates. Students’ affairs are managed by the elected School Captain who acts as the link between the school authority and the students’ community.


School Crest

The school crest, though simple, is evocative and powerful. A flaming torch in the centre reminds all pupils that we should perpetually bear in mind the burning passion for excellence in all we do.






All classrooms are air-conditioned, well-lit, and spacious. Each pupil is provided with an independent desk.



The School has well-equipped Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Computer Laboratories to encourage hands-on learning. They enhance the learning of students by understanding the theoretical concepts of science which are taught in classrooms.

The Chemistry Lab is designed to support and illustrate chemical concepts studied in the lecture portion of the course and encourage analytical thinking. Teachers and students can make use of the lab and do all the activities prescribed by IGCSE and ICSE syllabus. The lab is also equipped with a fire extinguisher and other emergency services.
Physics is an experimental science. The theoretical concepts and relationships introduced in the classrooms describe the general nature and behaviour of real phenomena. Physics Lab at RGS is well-equipped.

Observations and experiments make learning more interesting and fun. Biology Lab is well-equipped with preserved specimens, slides, models, and bio visual charts which emphasize on developing a scientific temper among the students. Students of classes IX and X are guided for practical. Occasionally students of other classes also make use of Biology Lab for various activities related to General Science, which help them to learn new concepts that they have always been thinking about.

We have a well-equipped Computer Lab. Students of all classes avail themselves of the computer facility under the supervision of well-qualified, experienced and committed computer teachers. Even the students of the lower classes are given an exposure to the use of computers.


Multi-purpose Hall

A spacious multi-purpose auditorium is a splendid indoor facility for students to play numerous indoor games like Table Tennis, Badminton etc. This is also used to develop their public skills and talents in theatre all through the year. It is the venue for all the major events held in the school.


A School Library is the heart of the school. It is a centre of scholarly activities. RGS has a well-resourced library stocked with books, periodicals, and a variety of other resources catering to all age groups. A love for reading is inculcated from a very young age as an independent way to enjoy learning and to gain knowledge.

A space to explore resources and to contrive a wider knowledge in cultural, scientific, technological and educational milieu, space that is consistent with the materials that support the intellectual growth, personal development, individual interest and recreational needs of students.

The school library is equipped with immense collections of reference books and other standard books on all relevant subjects and also subscribes to journals, periodicals, and dailies.
The library has a collection of more than 11,000 books/documents. Our library subscribes a good number of printed journals and the Jakarta Post. The library follows the open access system.

Library Guidelines and Timing:

  • The open access system is followed in the library.
  • Strict silence should be maintained in the library.
  • Personal belongings are not allowed inside the library.
  • Books will be issued to the members only.
  • Any damage done to the book will be fined.
  • Reference books, newspapers, and magazines will be strictly provided only during the reading time in the library.
  • Use of mobile phones is strictly prohibited.
  • Working Hours (Monday – Friday): 8.30 am – 5.00 pm.


Sports Field

In addition to the large multi-purpose auditorium, the school has a sports field for specialized training in different outdoor games.

Basketball court
RGS has a basketball court. The green canopy adds more beauty to the basketball court.



Football court
The football court is a grooming ground for many track and field athletes of RGS. The field is typically made of grass and a turf cricket pitch in the middle of the ground is an added attraction. The football matches are held every year as a part of Inter-School competitions.


Play Area for Kindergarten
A play area for the Kindergarten students provides a safe and secure environment for physical activity all through the year.

Audio-visual Room

An audio-visual room enhances learning. Teachers use multi-media to make learning, interactive, interesting, and varied.


School Transport

The School has school buses and cars which provide shuttle services for students from Bandung as well as Purwakarta. This facility helps students reach school on time.


Medical Care

The school is equipped to provide first-aid when required. In serious cases, there is a clinic supported by a qualified doctor/nurse. All cases of injury or illness receive preliminary medical attention.


Swimming Pool

Swimming is an integral part of the Curriculum for the students from the Nursery class to Std X. RGS Swimming pool is 25 metres in length. Swimming styles and techniques are imparted by highly experienced swimming coaches.


The School Store

The School Store tends to the needs of students of RGS. The store issues notebooks, prescribed textbooks, uniforms, and stationery items to the students. It is open on all working days.



RGS Hostel is a “Home away from Home” for the students – Boys and Gils – of Rama Global School. A hostel warden supervises them and their every need is taken care of. The Hostel is under the care and guidance of RGS Management.

We are pledged to help students to scale the heights by making them:

  • Intellectually Competent
  • Spiritually Mature
  • Morally Upright
  • Socially Acceptable


The salient features of RGS Hostel:

  • Scenic Location. It is ideal for borders – away from the hustle & bustle of the city – and provides an atmosphere conducive to learning.
  • Well-furnished AC accommodation with modern bathrooms.
  • Nutritious and balanced meals: Indian, Indonesian & continental menu.
  • Teachers are friendly and easily accessible on campus.
  • Facilities for recreation – Table tennis, Badminton, Swimming, Basketball.
  • Weekend home visits.
  • Internet facility under supervision.
  • Tight security.